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Educational & Cultural Resources

  • Bible Study
  • Editor's Note:

    As we learn of and grow in the Lord, let our faith be not in our own abilities, but in God, His Love, Wisdom, Justice, and Mercy; His Living Word, His Son and His Holy Spirit, and His desire and ability to bless those who love Him far and exceedingly beyond what we could expect or imagine.

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    • Christian Answers - Bible Study Resources from "ChristianAnswers.net" including Hebrew and Greek study tools, various Bible versions and languages, "Quote of the Minute" and more.
    • Crosswalk.com Biblestudytools.net - Do your search on a word using NAV or KJV with Strong's #s and directly-available information to find out the originally-used word definition within the context of its use in scripture, how many times used in scripture, and where found. It will even pronounce the Hebrew or Greek word for you. Many other research and study resources are available here for the new and serious student alike, as well as for a sermon-writing pastor.

    • Blue Letter Bible - Bible Study Resources including amazing selection of commentaries, audio and video material, daily study verses, dictionaries, concordance and more.
    • Living in Christ Current uncompromising and sound Bible-based audio teaching from Calvary Chapel by Bob Koekstra
    • The Online School of Pastoral Nurture "OSPN" Subscription - The Online School of Pastoral Nurture provides ministry resources and support for pastors and leaders, and is designed to reinforce leadership principles taught at the on-site Jack W. Hayford School of Pastoral Nurture.

    • Life Today - Streaming video or downloadable files - Life Today offers a great wealth of TV broadcast video archives which include both Biblical instruction and examples of Biblical principals being applied to the challenges faced in our world today. Program guests and/or hosts include James Robison, Beth Moore, Sheila Walsh, Pat Summerall, and many more. Also many weekly programs and special events are available free for those who become registered visitors.

    • Day of Discovery - Streaming video - Dr. Michael Rydelnik presents studies from the land of the Bible.

    • Christians United for Israel (CUFI) - Read God's Word concerning why we need to support Israel. Opportunity here to be kept abreast of related events and have access to educational information on this matter.

    • Another Day of Victory - Streaming video of church services and bible teaching by Robert Ekh with a mission to equip "God's people with His word of faith: show them their spiritual weapons, teach them how to use them, and send them out in victorious battle for the Lord!"
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    This email was received as I was putting together this page and serves as a clear reminder of how important it is to be forewarned and forearmed when it comes to the wiles of the enemy.

    I hope your heart will be touched as you watch and listen to what others have to say; as you study writings about the Lord; and as you search the scriptures for God's Truth and receive His Promises through His Living Word. How blessed are those who have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord to have such a wonderful Savior. I hope also that those of you who are still learning about Jesus, and the gift God has given us in Him, that you too will decide to receive Him as Lord of your life, and give Him full reign to teach you, change you, and guide you in His ways.

    May you experience an ever-increasing awareness of the Lord's Abounding Love for you right in the midst of every challenge you face. As your sensitivity and responsive obedience to His guidance increases, may you find your heart and lips overflowing with praises for the Lord's Wisdom, Mercy, and Grace. Lord, help us daily to recognize and give thanks for your many blessings.

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  • Culture
    • "Students & Leadership - This site is for international students seeking opportunities and for those who wish to be helpful in facilitating international educational exchanges.
    • Culture Games - This site is for those who enjoy educational games and are interested in learning cultural facts in a fun way.
    • PBS Educational Broadcasts and Channel Schedules - Provides current and archived broadcast information; TV, radio, and outreach event schedules; and links to the individual program websites.
      • PBS Photo Gallery - A broad selection of beautiful and interesting pictures are here to learn from. You can post your photos at this site for others to see as well.
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  • California History - Check out this site if you wished to have been taught at least some of US history as it was experienced and seen through the eyes of European explorers, settlers, California Indians and the children who were here then. As one reader put it "A book that tells you what happened and when it happened is a history book. A book that brings the past to life, shares with you the smells, sights, and sounds of another time, and almost makes you feel you are there - that's History with a capital H."

  • Writings by Founding Fathers - And if you wished you had received more insightful reading regarding the original intentions and thoughts of those forming our original Constitution and By-laws of the land be sure to read this document by Lincoln which quotes Washington; then read the numerous other documents provided at the wallbuilders.com site written by our founding fathers and others involved in the founding and formation of our nation.

If you find some aspects of the information uncovered during your exploration of this cultural section a bit difficult to grasp, please remember you can seek clarity from the one God, the Creator of the heavens and the earth and all things. If you earnestly desire clarity and understanding, open your heart to receive His perspective and turn to Him and His Living Word, the Bible, for help. You may be amazed at His willingness and ability to reveal interesting and helpful things to you well beyond what you could have asked or imagined.

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  • Family and Youth
    • "James Dobson Family Minute" - One minute of high value family and relationship words of wisdom.
    • "Christian ADHD" - Site map for Christian ADHD site of broad resources for Christian parents of ADHD children or those interested in the Christian perspective of working with ADHD children. A wealth of resources can be found here.

    • "Kid Scoop" - SF Chronicle In Education provides this enjoyably formatted resource for teachers, parents and students.

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  • Government
    • "U.S. Government"<\a> - Detailed outline of how the United States of America government is structured, who does what, and much much more. For example, you will find video tours, like the one of the White House Oval office, and of other places and activities of interest.

      • House of Representatives

        Congressional and Senate Official Roll-Call Votes Revealed

        Click on "voting records" in the "Quick Links" dropdown menu to access them by Congressional Session; and then click on the desired issue in the "Vote" column on the "Vote" page for either the House and the Senate, to view the voting results by voting position. As you click on the related underscored link(s) you will find the details of what was voted on.

      • Senate
      • Here you can see the active legislation up for vote and/or pending final action. With this information and the easy-to-use link below you are equipped to more effectively advise your elected officials of your views on important issues

    • Contact Your Elected Officials Quickly - Find your officials (by area) even if you don't know their names; then contact them any of a number of ways. You'll easily find all the information you need right here.
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    • USA Historical Documents - For those interested in the documents upon which our country was founded, and the sentiment behind those documents. Doing your own research on-line can prove quite informative. And yes, this is a purposefully repeated link in another section due to the importance from our viewpoint that people have optimal opportunity to notice it and explore its contents. One of many very telling documents available from this site is John Adams' Day of Fasting

  • Internet and Computers
    • Kim Komando
      "Kim Komando" has up-to-date computer, software and internet answers and tips. Her newsletters will keep you abreast of important news and the latest scam and identity theft information as it surfaces. Find her broadcast scheduled in your area.

    • Education Online for Computers This site provides links to a large selection of free software training resources. Find what you are looking for in this area.

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  • Libraries
    • Internet Public Library - This library is an expansive source of information. It will be well worth visiting and becoming acquainted with so you know well what you can find here when you need it. There is even a place where you can post and SHARE YOUR POETRY with others.

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  • Science
    • NASA Photo Gallery - This site is a "must see" for those who love to watch the planets and the stars, and to keep abreast of related new discoveries.
    • Scientific American - Late breaking news in the world of science. Stay up-to-date and equipped to know some items to pray about.
    • Living Science - A broad selection of beautiful and interesting pictures and informative articles. This site is for the science student who can never get enough...or for the lay person who wishes to find science more interesting.

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