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Looking to God Today

Daily Bread In His Word Praise Him

Welcome to a Great Way to Start Your Day!

After being inspired by the scripture above, you may want to use the eBible "Verse of the day" study link below to access parallel verses from other bible versions to enhance your daily Bible study.

Additionally, you will find time well spent exploring what the following sites have to offer for enhancing your study and drawing you closer to the Lord.

  • Morning and Evening Scriptures to Start and End Your Day - Receive daily food for thought from Blue Letter Bible by Bob Hoekstra.
  • "Living Way" with Pastor Hayford - Scripture and inspirational words to reflect upon from "Living Way".

  • Receive new insight daily on God's Grace from Blue Letter Bible by Bob Hoekstra.
  • As you seek deeper understanding of a biblical word or phrase, you can do a Blue Letter Bible search on it directly from here. You will find the requested words in bold on the resulting page. You might want to review the dictionary search tutorial before using this for the first time and learn how to obtain greater value from the Dictionary search option.

    Phrase Search / Concordance
    Words/Phrase To Search For
    (e.g. Jesus faith love, or Fruit of the Spirit, or God of my salvation, or believer*)
  • After meditating on the above and linked-to scriptures and words of wisdom, those familiar with this page, might want to go from here to "Daily Bread"

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  • Starting the Day with the Lord
  • May you discover today and every day just how much God loves you and is ready to assist you as you seek His help in knowing, trusting, and walking with Him, and recognizing and receiving His blessings!

    I invite you to explore and discover the many study tools, sites of education and inspiration, and songs of worship and praise made available through the links from this page to internet places of value. If, after doing this for a time you find you are moved to make a new or renewed commitment to more actively seek a deeper knowledge of and relationship with God, then God is hearing and answering my prayers that more than just I be brought closer to Him through this website endeavor.

    A desire for a hub of resources to facilitate my daily pursuit of increased closeness to and knowledge of the Lord, His instructions, and the depth and the breadth of God's love is one of the primary reasons behind designing and posting this page. It is my hope that as you and I proceed with this activity we will discover growing consistency and sensitive responsiveness to His promptings in our throughout-the-day walks and talks with the Lord. Links from other pages on this website are consolidated here to help make arising with the Lord and spending time in His Word as simple, enjoyable, and regular an experience as possible.

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    Although these resources are no substitute for annointed prayer, worship and praise, preaching and teaching of the Word, and fellowship with God's people, I do find using them is
    1) improving consistency in my study about the Lord,
    2) enhancing my learning of Him; and
    3) increasing my awareness of and reverence for Him.

    I share my process here with the expectancy that I and each person who joins me in the quest of knowing and walking daily with the Lord will be established in His Wisdom and the power of His Living Word, infilled with His Joy, Love, and Peace, and rewarded with blessings beyond those we are able to imagine.

    To facilitate easy return to the "Daily Bread" study hub below you will see links to that section as you proceed through this page.
    (To navigate pages within that site use the right and left [forward and back respectively] arrows at the top of the page. Then to return to this site, click the red "x" in the upper corner of the page [left or right corner depending on your browser].)

    My prayer is that as you explore the wonderful array of study tools available you will be Divinely protected, inspired, directed, healed and equipped for your daily challenges, decisions and opportunities, and that in the process you will find yourself motivated by and delighting in what you learn and discover.

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  • Daily Bread
  • This section is here for use by you and me if you too find the resources helpful for:

    • uplifting the spirit by praising the Lord;
    • illuminating it with meditation on a scripture or scripture(s) and words of wisdom for the day;
    • drawing closer to the Lord by prayerful and Holy-Spirit assisted remembering of who the Lord is and has been in my life, giving Him thanks for all He has done;
    • building faith in, knowledge of, and closeness to the Lord by seeking guidance and understanding from the Holy Spirit as I read and carefully study God's Word; then
    • lifting to Him in prayer loved ones and the areas of concern that I lift to Him for assistance; and
    • journaling new thoughts, insights, and resulting commitments.

    You may want to include a short stretch or exercise break mid-point.

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    • Praise Him
    • To help awaken with a heart focused on the Lord, you may want to play a few songs from a favorite worship CD or click on one of the following music websites to locate a link that provides the music that draws you close to the Lord in preparation for eating from His Living Word.

      Music that stirs me to a time of reverence includes "The Spirit and the Bride Say Come". After reading about the song and supportive scriptures, click on the Megaphone icon - Original Music provided by Laura Harrison and David Ison at www.shma-israel.org.

      • You can find great music and Bible-based teaching at this radio site provided through Living Way ministries."KTLW" - Click the round green "Listen Live" button to play. For scheduling information in your location in the USA, select the appropriate region from the program guide

      • Inspirational Songs - Available here to listen to on "Real Player" or to purchase for support of musician and repeated listening enjoyment.

      • if I want the music to continue playing uninterrupted in the background, and am willing to listen to a brief advertisement repeated 2 x's, I will see what's available at Listen to commercial-free worship music brought to you by AllWorship.com..

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