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Entertainment and Recreation


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Entertainment and Recreation

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  • Movies
    • "Movies.Yahoo.com" - Enjoy written and video movie reviews and clips as well. In upper right portion of screen in "Showtime and Tickets" box enter the zip code of area you wish to attend a movie. You will receive custom-to-that area movie schedule and location responses to choose from.

      Forewarned is forearmed. Selectivity is the best motto. I go to very few movies a year, and when I do, I feel the time has been well spent - which I believe is because I have first done my homework.

  • TV/Radio/MP3s

    • Local TV Listings - Access TV program listings in your area: cable, satellite, and local broadcast. Click on "edit location", and on the resulting page, enter your local zip-code where requested. Then scroll down to the appropriate signal input category, enter the earliest viewing time you are interested in, and check out the resulting listing.
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Most of the video below is more reliably viewed if you have Windows Media Player open before you click on the site.

    • Kids Links - A variety of media and not media sources for children to enjoy.
    • Kids-Corner - Daily radio broadcast
    • CBN News - CBN TV News broadcasts and archives
    • "KTLW" The Life on the Way Christian Radio Broadcast - A blend of praise and worship music with pertinent breaking news and balanced biblical instruction. If you find yourself listening to this station over and over again, we invite you to add your encouraging feedback, prayers covering all aspects of the ministry, and financial support with that of others to keep this available to so many around the globe.
    • GospelGrassRadio.com and
      GospelTwang.com - For you Christian Blue Grass lovers, we suspect you just may find what you've been looking for here.
    • CBN.com - 24 Hour-a-day, 7 day-a-week 700 Club Video Today and ArchivesWatch interviews and hear personal stories of how God reaches many people, each in unique-to-them ways. Be inspired. Find hope for those you love who are not yet saved.

      Select the appropriate viewing information and video you wish to watch.

    • .

    • US.God.TV - 24 Hour-a-day, 7 day-a-week "...ministries from around the globe and live footage from Christian events, conferences and music festivals." Rory and Wendy Alec are offering through "GOD TV" broadcasts area-customized educational and inspirational Christian TV across the world.

      To view full-screen, scroll down and click "Open Player in Separate Window", then expand the new window that comes up to fit your screen.

    • .

    • "JCTV" - JCTV features music videos from POD to T-Bone and many styles in between. Exclusive concerts, extreme sports, great youth-focused faith-based teaching, and dramas. This site at times includes difficult-to-watch but potentially life-changing programs that could prove useful not only for youth and young adults but also for older adults who need healing from abuse suffered during younger years and the shame that can accompany it. Such programs are not for the faint of heart. If you have young ones with access to the web, because of the explicitness and mature focus of some of the programs this is one site you may want to restrict from their viewing.
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