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to simplify the process of finding helpful and entertaining websites.

We hope that as you find sites that enrich your day-to-day experience, you also consider supporting them financially and with your prayers.

I dedicate this site to:

1) My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, whom I thank for enriching my life, restoring my health and for the inspiration and ability to compile and share with you the web links to follow; and

2) To my brother, Richard, whose generously-shared web expertise and caring support has encouraged me on.

I also give special thanks to my since-grammar-school friend Michele, for the hours she has spent reviewing this site and providing ongoing feedback and suggestions.

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"Answers for Us" Overview

This website might be considered similar to an Internet "Entertainment" book as we encourage you to sample new fare. Many of the quick-to-access sites provide extensive resources which are rewarding and fun to explore. They are mostly from our growing collection of Favorite links provided to acquaint you with websites possibly not yet seen, make it easy for you and me to reaccess them as needed, and to potentially simplify and enhance our daily choices and activities as we selectively use and/or apply what we find.

Whenever you want to easily return to this website after browsing
another, simply close the window(s) you've been viewing and you should
be back to the screen you initially left.

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Due to the frequently changing content and variety of contributors to many of the linked-to-sites, the content at those sites will not always be representative of the beliefs presented at this site. Neither "Answers4Us" nor the webmaster of this site are to be construed as necessarily endorsing or supporting the theology, doctrine, and/or offerings of each of these sites, but are providing access to them so you may see the depth and breadth of information available. My prayer is that you be alert and equipped by the Lord with discernment and high-value decision-making as you choose which sites you spend time at and learn from. You may wish to install, turn on, or hire a content filtering software or service. One of the many you may want to consider if you have young ones is Cyber Sitter.

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When exploring the Websites linked to from here you can easily lose track of time. If you find this to be the case, you might want to set a timer to remind you to get up and stretch, and for those who sit at the computer frequently for extended periods of time, you may also want to do a little upper body strength training on alternate days. If you have any physical limitations, joint or muscle injuries, please check with your doctor for approval or modifications of such stretches and exercises before you proceed. I want to say thank you here to Mayo Clinic for the practical Healthy Lifestyle Fitness videos at this link. This "answers4us.com" site would have been up and running much sooner if 40 years ago I had been aware of how wise and important such time investments in self-maintenance are to the well being of our bodies.

All that said, I hope you have a great time during your visit.

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Content in Brief

  • Bay Area Today

  • Your link to East Bay Information, Resources and Events.

  • Education & Culture

  • Expand your knowledge of many fascinating peoples, cultural beliefs, scientific discoveries, and many other things.

  • Entertainment

  • Wholesome humor and game sites, movie trailers and area-specific movie and TV program schedules can currently be accessed here.

  • Freebies
  • Free electronic e-cards. More coming soon.

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  • Health & Wellness

  • You will one day (hopefully soon) find links to sites that provide information to help you select medical providers, hospitals, nutritional supplements, special diets,as well as exercise routines and activities. Links to sites informing and educating about other health aspects such as stress management communication and boundaries, time management and more can be expected to eventually appear as well.

  • Home & Gardening

  • Here are sites for decorating your home and garden; sites containing kitchen and home maintenance tips; recipes, and cooking and cleaning tips; time management tips; and many other daily-living suggestions.

  • Inspiration & Insight

  • Links to inspirational sites as well as to sites designed to encourage new insights and deeper awareness of the awesomeness and preciousness of life itself and the incredible power of love.

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  • Looking to God Today

  • Here you will find a wonderful collection of resources for daily cultivating a knowledge of and relationship with the One God who gave us life, and had a purpose for doing so. There is enough wealth in these resources to satisfy needs of a new seeker as well as those of the most serious seeker of God and His Will.

  • Making A Difference

  • Links to sites that inform, inspire, and show how you can most definitely make a difference.

  • Money Management

  • Here you can find links to current market information and tips plus tools for investment strategizing.

  • News & Forecasts

  • Links to national, international, business, and social news that is hopefully more informative than sensational.

  • Research & Ref

  • Links to research and reference sites. You'll find practical sites that help you with word studies,language translation, locating a lawyer, asking a lawyer about your case, tracking mail delivery, determining hoax from fact, scam from truth, and more.

  • Shopping

  • For shopping with a difference. 10% of proceeds go to World Missions.

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  • Contact Us
  • Please let us know about any disconnected links you find and any other web-related suggestions you may have.

  • WebGuestbook

  • We invite you to sign our Guestbook and tell us a bit about yourself, how you found us, and what you like best. Thank you so much for visiting. We hope you have found some interesting and enjoyable resources while you were here.

If we have a link to your site that you would like removed or revised, please email us your request at webmaster@answers4us.com. Thank you for taking the time to explore and enjoy our site.