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Making a Difference Answers 4 Us

Body of Christ Community Distressed Circumstances Missions Nation Prayer

Making a Difference

Healing Prayer

  • For the Nation

    • Congressional Prayer Caucus - Pray in agreement with the Members of the House of Representatives for our nation. You may want to locate or form a local group.
    • "National Prayer Network" - Information regarding nationwide groups who are praying for our country; keep up on the special group prayer dates, issues, and events.
    • "American Center for Law and Justice" - Key Congressional and Senate Bill issue(s) in the spotlight right now. Your voice can make a difference.
    • Contact Your Elected Officials Quickly - Find your officials (by area) even if you don't know their names; then contact them any of a number of ways. You'll easily find all the information you need right here.

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  • In Community

      "Random Acts of Kindness" - Random acts of kindness suggestions - how to unexpectedly brighten up someone else's day. Sign up to receive daily Bible verses and "Acts of Kindness" suggestions of what you can do to make the world a better place. Contribute your own suggestions for sharing with others too. You also can sign up to be notified in the future of movie screenings and information.

    • "4 Homeless"
      Find links to shelter & feeding resources across the nation by location! The site has been compiled by one who has taken the effort to not only make the information available, but also to indicate which locations have been personally visited and are recommended. This directory is constantly growing so be sure to keep checking back for page updates.

    • "American Red Cross"
      Providing community services that help the needy; support and comfort for military members and their families; the collection, processing and distribution of lifesaving blood and blood products; educational programs that promote health and safety; and domestic and international relief and development programs.

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    • Operation Komando
      Learn how you can support and encourage our service men and women and about the resources in place to help you do it.
    • Donating Blood Made Easy - Find where a blood drive is near you; learn more about why giving blood can make a difference.
    • American Cancer Society Relay for Life
      - At events in 4,800 communities nationwide, teams of families, friends and coworkers join together to CELEBRATE the lives of those who have battled cancer, REMEMBER those lost and FIGHT BACK against a disease that takes too much.

    • Make Every Day Earth Day - Find your local recycle locations by zip code; learn what you can do to be a good steward of the earth.
    • Contribute Car to Charity of Choice - in California only.

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    • In Distressed Circumstances

      • "Convoy of Hope" - Convoy of Hope mobilizes, resources, and trains churches and other groups to conduct community outreaches, respond to disasters, and directs other compassion initiatives in the United States and around the world. Their site tells you more about the extensiveness of their work and how you can help.
      • Feed the Children Read here about the truly astonishing level of help being provided through this organization and its partners. Other links in the site will show you how you too can help feed the children here in the United States.
      • Life Today LIFE TODAY is a Christian television broadcast that is sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with people all over the United States, Canada and Australia. LIFE TODAY ministers to people directly and presents the other outreaches of LIFE so that people may take part in their ministry and vision. LIFE's Water For LIFE outreach utilizes portable drilling rigs to dig wells up to 1,000 feet deep in even the hardest to reach areas of Africa, Asia and South America to provide much needed clean drinking water to communities. LIFE's Mission Feeding ministry is taking much needed food to areas on the continent of Africa where war, famine, drought and poverty have taken their toll on the people. Food factories in Mozambique and Angola are providing enough food to feed more than 400,000 starving children, mothers, elderly people, and people with disabilities each month.
      • Food for the Poor - Learn here how you can make an important difference today in the life of others around the world.
      • "Habitat for Humanity" - Join volunteers from around the country and help build a home for a family in need.
      • NASAR (National Association of Search and Rescue) - Join the local branch of volunteers who are being trained to help across the nation in varied search and rescue missions. Training for this will also enhance your preparedness to be of great help in times of area-wide disaster.
      • "Sharing and Caring Hands" - Learn how others are joining together in community to make a difference for those who are in need.

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    • Through Missions

      • Book of Hope - Support this life-changing ministry with a single worldwide mission: To affect destiny by providing God's eternal Word to all the children and youth of the world. Learn about this mighty work of God, and pray to find out if and/or how you are to participate in it.
      • Mission Opportunities Around the World - Click on the world map the area you'd like to serve in; cost and contact information will drop down in a box to your left. This is for the motivated, Spirit-filled, walking-with-the-Lord, praying, and in-the-Word individual. It requires that you raise your own funding and that you have a committed-to-follow-through when things get tough perspective.

      • "Real Impact Missions" (RIM) Training and Outreach Opportunities

        - Carefully planned and coordinated trips to lands across the globe. Several scheduled trips to select from, or you provide the group, RIM will provide custom trip preparation coaching, travel planning and arrangement assistance. If you have a year to contribute, you can receive thorough outreach training and participate in a variety of mission events.

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    • Through Prayer

      • 24-7 Relevant Sites "2007 World Day of Prayer" - Updates on the joining together of people around the world to cover the world in prayer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Read about this misison; pray to see if you are to become one of those committed to participating in this powerful joining together in purposeful prayer.
      • Pray for People Around the World - Be part of a global 24/7 prayer team. Pray for and encourage others one-on-one over the internet; journal your prayers and praise reports, have others pray for your needs and those of your loved ones, and deepen your faith in the Lord.

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    • For the Body of Christ

      • "Worship Institute" - Here a diverse group of like-minded worshipers with a passion for the Lord provide inspired audio, video, and contextual resources to equip worship teams to help others worldwide to connect with God's presence.
      • The Online School of Pastoral Nurture "OSPN" Annual Subscription - The Online School of Pastoral Nurture provides ministry resources and support for pastors and leaders, and is designed to reinforce leadership principles taught at the on-site Jack W. Hayford School of Pastoral Nurture.
      • Training for Mission Opportunities Around the World - This is for the motivated, wanting-to-be-trained-for-evangelical-outreach individual. It requires a one year commitment. You will receive training and opportunity to participate in numerous professionally coordinated and overseen outreach events.
      • "The Mission Station" One-Stop Library for Equipping God's Servants. - This "Evangelical/Fundamental Christian" focused site makes a difference by selectively collecting valuable information for Christian Missionaries, Churches, Missions support staff, and laymen alike. Amazing depth and breadth of carefully compiled links to sites equipped to help the servants of Christ effectively spread God's Simple Plan of Salvation.
      • Connect Need with Supply [Success Stories] - This good deeds program matches up the needs in your congregation with the talents and skills of the members of your church

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