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Home and Gardening Answers 4 Us

Home and Gardening Answers 4 Us


Daily Living Cooking Gardening

Home and Gardening

In The Garden

  • Daily Living

    • Home.Ivillage.com - Daily living, cooking and gardening tips and resources.
    • JerryBaker's Blog - Gardening and housekeeping hints blog and archives. Newspaper recycling hints, plus wonderful and fun ways to keep your garden green. Also TV and radio show schedule.
    • HGTV - Gardening and interior decorating how-to's, tips, and suggestions. Video demonstrations and lots of articles and pictures on a broad variety of projects. Also TV schedule for the show HGTV.
    • MyThings.com - Everything you need to care for and enjoy more the things you treasure.
    • De-clutter Advice from the "Fly Lady" - Tips and motivational tools to keep you on track through the year, helping you to organize your papers and declutter your home.
    • Real Simple.com - Provides a magnificent array of practical how-to tips, hints, and innovative thoughts on just about everything involved in designing and maintaining an organized, healthful, enjoyable, and inviting home environment. One example of useful information provided at this site is their list of "Surprising Expiration Dates"
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  • Cooking

    • Jacques Pepin -  You choose from Jacques' fast food recipes the ones you would like to see prepared. Be sure to get the recipe for those dishes you'd like to prepare.
    • Rachael Ray Show Archive Videos -  Select from Rachael's past shows and recipes what you want to watch. Remember also to explore the rest of her site which offers so much more. You may even want to register for full site benefits - I did.
    • Recipes by State -  Vernalisa's party page with state flags and recipes. Do you know what kind of food is representative of your state? Check it out...
    • Pillsbury Bake-Off Recipe Collection - These recipes have been meticulously followed, professionally judged and very much passed the tests. So you know you can count on them to be good.
    • Good Cooking.com -  Find your wine dictionary; food dictionary, conversions, forums, food safety tips, and great recipes with flare!
    • Food Network.com - The all-in-one cooking site with enough resources to keep you busy for as long as you wish.
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  • Discuss Cooking - Here you find well-monitored general and special-food-category forums where you can ask for any kind of recipe or other food related question and receive responses from people all over the world. It's a fun community with many people wanting to help. Once comfortable with the process you may find yourself responding to others and becoming a fully participating member of the "Discuss Cooking" family.

  • Other very good recipe resources include:
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  • Gardening

    • Scott's Pre-Gardening Warmup - View this great video showing how to effectively warm up your body for the yard work you are about to do. There is a wealth of other information as well at this site, but the exercise training is a highlight.

    • Garden Advice - This site is outstanding for the pictures and basic gardening techniques and tips. Related forums and videos are also available. For customized area-specific gardening advice you will need to regisiter at their site, but if you are a heavy gardener and somewhat new in one area or another, it may worth it.

    • Sunset Garden - Find a wealth of written, illustrated "How To" instructions from experts in the field. If you are a committed gardener this is a site you may want to visit every so often to get in on the changing advice and hints.
    • My Garden Guides - This is a fun place for sharing pictures and information of what works for you, and viewing pictures and information of what is working for others. Submit your gardening problems and receive answers from others who have been successful resolving similar issues. The variety of forums available is amazing. This site has a cheerful and community feel and could potentially be a frequently-visited-by-you site if gardening is your passion.

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