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Health and Wellness Answers 4 Us


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Health & Wellness

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    • Government Health Care Plan

    • Contra Costa County Employment and Human Services

      • Employment and Human Services Partners with the community to deliver quality services to ensure access to resources that support, protect, and empower individuals and families to achieve self-sufficiency.

        • Community Services Department(CSB) Community Services Department (CSB) is the largest childcare provider in Contra Costa County which combines federal Head Start and State Child Development funds to annually provide primarily full-day, full-year Early Childhood Education Services to over 2,000 children and their families. CSB also provides direct assistance with home energy costs, weatherization, and funding for community based organizations to assist the low-income population move out of poverty.

          Director’s Office Creating new and innovative ways to serve those in need in our County as well as reaching out to prospective employees, employers, the media and the general public.

          Children’s Services Partners with the community to deliver quality services to ensure access to resources that support, protect, and empower individuals and families to achieve self-sufficiency.

          Benefits: Learn how we help families become self sufficient and independent. Employees will discover resources and ways we will assist them with job recruitment.

          Elderly and Disabled Discover the rich resources that exist in our county for the elderly and frail adults, and the people who care for them.

          Head Start We serve over 2,000 children and their families in our Head Start, Early Head Start and Child Development programs.

          Workforce Development Board Promoting a workforce development system that serves businesses, job seekers, and workers to support a vibrant economy.

    • Health Info - Medical

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      • National Ratings of Hospitals, Doctors, and More - If you're making a provider change, need a new specialist, or researching nursing homes, you might want to check out this site.
      • DocBoard.org/DocFinder.html - Find links to State Medical Boards to help you locate and evaluate the doctors and medical specialists you are considering.
      • New Treatment for Low Back Pain - Dr. S. Zodkoy discusses latest discoveries in the area of treatment for chronic low back pain. The type of treatment he describes is similar to the treatment I have been receiving for my neck which combined with prayer has been instrumental in helping me to avoid surgery. My mobility is improving and the frequency of pain has reduced.
      • Stanford Hospital's Health Library - Find a wealth of Stanford-reviewed technical and not-so-technical information for use in making informed decisions concerning your health and level of well being. You will find links to information from the National Health Library, clinical study information, and the calendar of Stanford Hospital events. There is also a newsletter with health tips. You can even access the main Stanford Home Page from which you can explore their specialized clinic information and more.

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    • Nutrition & Exercise

      • "Prevention" on Nutrition - Find a wealth of nutritional information here, then explore the other site links for even more suggestions for increasing your "Fitness IQ".
      • "BottomLine" on Health - With the sunny weather of summer upon us, this free article from BottomLine's carefully selected articles is particularly important to those at risk for skin cancer; another important article for many may be this one on Non-medical Cholesterol-Level Management. BottomLineSecrets.com provides an Online Search access to many more wellness promoting articles as well as a free subscription to BottomLine/Health Secret email letters. Also offered is carefully compiled reference material on a select number of important-to-many subjects. Look carefully at the wealth of useful information made available both online and in purchasable hardback format.
      • AOM.AmericaOntheMove.org - "America On the Move" (AOM) offers free and personalized online resources, interactive tools, community support, and fun events designed to help make eating well and becoming active be easy and enjoyable. Yes, this includes monitored regular exercising and nutritious meals.

        The goal at the AOM site is to assist you, your friends, family, and/or group in achieving positive and lasting results. Doctors are also encouraged at the site to access and make use of these resources for their patients' benefit. Be sure to check out the links to their "Partnership" sites in addition to the tools that you find on the page we link to here. Individual membership in this personalized service is free. Much for some of us to learn and benefit from (me included), and the price can't be beat.

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      • Food Network.com Healthy Recipes - Find healthful recipes at the Food Network website. After reading the resolutions for the month, select your special dietary needs from the "Get Healthy" column and find related tasty recipes and preparation information. Once you've learned all there is to learn here you might want to explore some of the many other great resources this site has to offer.
      • The Worlds Healthiest Foods (WHFoods.org) - Here to provide you with unbiased scientific information about how nutrient-rich World's Healthiest Foods can promote vibrant health and energy and fit your personal needs and busy lifestyle.
  • Nutritional Wellness from Baltimore - "Nutritional Wellness" provides information that is designed to help doctors learn about nutrition (whole foods, herbs, homeopathy, and other natural nutritional products). You can search on your subject in question within the site and view information from their archived articles.
  • "EZineArticles" on Test for pH - In the respective sites above, Dr. David Baltimore and Dr. S. Zodkoy discuss the value of pH monitoring and provide related charts of 1) pH levels plus 2) Acid and Alkaline foods.
    • Water for Life USA - Northwest
      Water for Life

      Learn about state-of-the-art-to-the-USA water purifing, pH selectable technology finally available for your home in a durable product at an affordable price.

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      • American Heart Association - The American Heart Association is a national voluntary health agency to help reduce disability and death from cardiovascular diseases and stroke. Recommended diets and important information here.
      • "Discuss Cooking" With Many - Seek answers to your special dietary food substitution needs. If you need a cake recipe without wheat or sugar - ask for one here. Have fun sharing your discoveries with others as well.
      • Asthma and Allergies FAQ Site - Great collection of allergy-conscious recipes, food substitutions, and related information.
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    • Relationships

      • "New Life Live" - A great program for learning about setting and honoring healthy boundaries. Provides tools and insightful information to help one avoid pitfalls by clarifying misunderstandings about scripture which have caused grief for many. You may find that walking with God in love and with wisdom can be more easily understood and implemented as you supplement your Bible study, fellowship and worship with listening to these programs and others of their quality.
    • Science

    • Time Management - A Great Stress Reducer When Done Right
      • Time Mgt Tools from Mindtools.com. - A broad variety of articles and tools useful for managing your time and making breakthroughs in areas that have stumped you. I have chosen the page that to view here to be the article and tips on procrastination...because that is a confessed challenge I am seeking to conquer. Once you get to the site, you may find other articles you prefer to visit often - set up an easy-to-remember bookmark or favorites link and Voila, you're set for easy repeat visits to support you in making your breakthrough.

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