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Inspiration and Uplift

Inspirational Resources and Answers 4 Us


"Music to browse by"
The Father's Love In His Word Learn of Him Praise Him

Inspirational Resources

  • The Father's Love

    • "A Father's Love Letter" - Great to view these excerpts from the original "A Father's Love Letter" video whenever your ability to Know God as Father needs a boost. The "FathersLoveLetter.com" site also provides an opportunity to purchase full-version DVDs, and videos for playing at home or sharing with friends.
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  • Praise Him

    • "KTLW" - The Life on the Way Christian Radio Broadcast - In-depth teaching, hourly news updates, praise, worship and interspersed moments of biblically insightful spots. Here for you throughout the day as a listener-supported conduit of inspiration and motivation to action; "a mirror for self-reflection: promoting self-discovery and recurring cycles of Christian growth. The music and ministry heard over KTLW stimulate honest reflection and holy relationships as we individually 'press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus' Philippians 3:12-14.." Have your Windows Media Player ready to play this for high quality listening.

      If you find yourself returning to this station over and over again, we invite you to add your financial support with that of others to keep this programming available online around the globe.

    • Giving Your Testimony - Christian Women Today.com provides this guideline for make-a-difference testimony giving. Definitely worth reading for practical and confidence-building purposes...as long as you remember when the time comes to trust the Holy Spirit to give you the right words for the moment.

  • Learn of Him

    • "The Hope" (GPN)- ChristianAnswers.net provides this full-length video for viewing, based on scripture. Also indepth answers to some of your most troubling questions regarding the Bible. Key Bible stories are presented chronologically in the full length video. Available also for purchase in DVD format to share with loved ones, friends, and not-yet-believers who want to know more about God, His ways, and His story. Available to help equip the body of Christ for sharing His Word with others through this visual presentation which can encourage follow-up discussion and prayer. Included on the same page are links to in-depth exploration of answers to the following FAQ questions:
      • How do we know the Bible is true?
      • What about all those contradictions that I've heard the Bible has?
      • How can the Bible be infallible if it was written by fallible humans?
      • Have archaeological discoveries verified the accuracy of the Bible?
      • Confirmation of Biblical events - Is there any from written sources outside the Bible?
      • Burial Sites - Have the graves of any people in the Bible been found?

    • "Global Pastors' Network" (GPN)- In depth collection of educational and inspirational video for the serious student, pastor, or pastor-in-training. Includes GPN curriculum, General Library, and specific topic video search which is available under the "Church Planting" link. Provides strong, practical biblical teaching by highly respected men and women of God. Available to help equip the body of Christ for serving and glorifying the Lord. Video format.
    • "Spirit Formed" Weekly and Archived Video - Pastor Hayford from Living Way presents sound, equipping, and inspirational teachings on God's Word. For "Real Player" full-screen viewing, after clicking on the topic you wish to view, a new screen pops up; click on "Regular Player" in the upper right corner and a link to the streaming view site is downloaded to your computer. When you double click on this downloaded file, "Real Player" opens (if you have the updated version) and the video begins to play on a larger and adjustable viewing screen.
    • Current and Archived Audio - Streaming, Podcast and MP3 download
    • "In Touch" with Charles Stanley - Current video broadcast. Select your speed and format. If you want full-screen viewing, open your Windows Media Player, and then select that format to upload to the custom-sizeable player. Enjoy.
    • Christian Women Today.com - Read stories of others regarding how God has walked with them in their time of need.
    • Search for topic of interest to you and find related content from one of Christianity Today's three sites.

    • One Place Radio Broadcast - Various ministry audio archives

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  • In His Word

    • "Living Way" with Pastor Hayford - Daily scripture and inspirational words to reflect upon
    • Study Light - Once you arrive at this site, If you scroll downward you will find a link to daily "My Utmost for His Highest" quotes plus a newsletter study is available on request. There is much useful information available here. If you are a serious Bible student you may find some valuable new material(s) for reference.
    • Daily Connection and Through the Bible in 365 Days - "TLN" provides a Daily Devotional Calendar with daily scripture plus practical daily-application reading to enhance your through-the-Bible in 365-days experience.
    • Through the Bible Chronologically in 365 Days Schedule - From Bible Riches, Org., a Bible reading schedule for those who want to read through the Bible chronologically in 365 days.
    • At Bible Gateway, Scripture Search by Word, Verse or Topic - Choose from multiple versions and languages; for NIV version lovers, that is available here. There are audible versions of the Bible available as well.

      We recommend you check out their tutorial for best results for serious scripture searching.

      Lookup a word or passage in the Bible