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Articles & Excerpts E-Cards Misc.

Freebies for You

  • Articles and Excerpts (Customizable, web transmitted cards)
    • Inspirational and Informative Writings - LivingWay.org offers carefully chosen, potentially life-transforming free gifts, depending on your situation and use (or not) of the material available. There is keen attention paid to the quality and selection of fare provided by this ministry that stands out.

      While you are at their site, we encourage you to sign their guestbook, accept their free magazine offer, and to check out their other other site resources. Most of all, we hope at least one of the free resources you receive from their site will provide such timely encouragement, insight, and/or inspiration that you might easily think it had been written and provided just for you.

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  • Misc. Freebies (more to come)

    • "Birthday Age Gauge" - This is a unique version of the "When you were born" list of events. It covers one newsworthy event a year that happened from the time of your friend's birth or other celebrated date to the current year. It can be personalized to include memorable events that occurred in your friend's past. This can be lots of fun.

    This page is still under construction, and more freebies are sure to appear here in the future. Thank you for your patience.

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