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News, Insight, and Forecasts

  • Forecasts
    • Weather.com - This site offers zip-code customizable weather report accessibility in a variety of formats (video, maps, reports, etc.) There are also alot of other weather and non-weather related resources provided here.
    • Gas Price Watch - Enter your zip code and see a list of nearby stations and the price of gasat the time of their last update. I tested it for my location just before adding their link to this site and it was pretty reflective of the present situation.
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  • Traffic

    • Local Traffic Conditions - Enter your zip code and see traffic condition rating for your area. Or, refine the search and enter your entry point and exit point to find out approx. how long your trip should take given the reported traffic condition. Pretty cool, though we cannot vouch personally for consistent accuracy. And as traffic conditions can change very quickly, the information can only be used as an approximation. However, if there is a problem, having a heads up is so much better than not.
    • California Highway Patrol Incident Reports - You select the area, and see if there are any CHP-reported incidents in the area, and if so when it was reported.

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